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Our Mission
We’re all about a fair service. To integrity and to dedication to forming an unbreakable bond of trust between ourselves and those we swear to serve. ​Our company was founded to provide a service to solve an issue. We do it now by repairing computers. Each product that we repair is treated as if it were our own. An exceptional service at an exceptional price and bringing your technology back to life.

employee image

9GB Tech was founded by Ryan Gäble of Whitley County. Ryan has had a strong interest in technology since 2004 when it all began with a custom build desktop PC that was put together by himself and a friend. Since then, he has passionately followed and kept up with the ever-changing world of technology and in the Fall of 2020 decided to pursue higher education in the IT field of Hardware and Software support from IVY Tech. He has acquired several skills over the past eighteen years and continues to push himself to learn new and challenging solutions to problems that are always being presented within our world of technology.

Ryan Gable, CEO of 9GB Tech

Andrea Baldwin is  an award winning photographer (PBS Photo Contest, 2020) from Whitley County, IN. Andrea also currently has some work on display inside the Community Foundation of Whitley County.


Baldwin received her associates degree in Visual Communications from Ivy Tech and holds several other technical degrees. She enjoys spending time in nature taking photos, crafting various works of art, and spending time with her family and pets. Her expertise at 9GB is invaluable to those seeking to preserve their photos and other media and transform it into a digital piece. She also contributes to the area with her freelance photography of buildings, landscapes and scenery.

employee image

Andrea Baldwin, Creative Director, of 9GB Tech

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