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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name “9GB” mean?

Because there isn’t really a “9GB” we thought it would be a neat opportunity to create a unique name that serves as a great conversation starter to learn more about the company and what we can do for you!

How are estimates calculated?

Services are competitively priced from companies within and outside of the service area. Because we want to serve Whitley county and surrounding areas, we want you to have the best price without traveling far to get it.

Where are you located?

We currently share office space with the Whitley County Chamber of Commerce. Our current address is 128 W Van Buren St. Columbia City, IN 46725.

I forgot the pin to my tablet or computer can you reset it?

In most cases we can do this, however if your tablet such as an iPad is protected by an Apple key you will have to contact someone from Apple. The same is true for any Windows device that is linked to a Microsoft account. Otherwise we may be able to bypass this for you, however nothing is guaranteed.

Do youDo you work on Mac/Apple products? offer home visits for your services?

We offer full service software support, however our hardware policy is limited due to Apple Repair Terms and Conditions.

Do you offer home visits for your services?

Yes. Customers can book a standard home/office visits within a 10 mile radius with a trip charge of $29.99

Whole 9 Gigs members can book a VIP home/office visit within a 10 mile radius for FREE. Learn more about the "Whole 9 Gigs" membership HERE

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You can also visit our help desk Knowledge Center HERE

Thank You!

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